What are dash cameras?

Are you frustrated about not being able to find a witness after a car accident? A dash camera is a device that can capture continuous videos that could be useful in the event of an accident. It is easy to install and provides peace of mind while driving in the ever changing road conditions. The camera can be set to a looping option, where it overwrites old footages when the memory card is full.

Some dash camera features:

  1. High definition and/or Full High Definition: cameras can capture up to Full HD videos.
  2. Built-in GPS: This helps locate the point of accident or track the routes that the vehicle drove by.
  3. Built-in Motion Sensor: Capture footages of Vandalism, Hit and Run or theft that can be used as evidence.
  4. Tracks General Info: record time and driving speed.
  5. Expandable Memory Slot: All device provides external memory card slots, so you can upgrade at any time.


Advantages of installing a dash camera

  1. In the event of an accident, video captures can become useful evidence.
  2. Catch footages of Vandalism, Hit and Run or theft using built-in motion sensor.
  3. Prevent any kind of insurance frauds.
  4. Monitor driver’s (employee, children, or even yourself) driving habits and driving routes.


Why should you buy one?

  • Evidence of an accident:

    After an accident, sometimes it could be hard to find a person to be your witness. Having a dash camera installed could be just as useful if not more as of a witness. Everything detail gets recorded as the accident occurs. It tracks the location, time, speed, and how the accident occur all on video, so they can’t blame it on you.


    • Hit and Run or Vandalism:

    Some dash camera features built-in mention sensors, which can be used to capture hit and run events. The mention sensor, can detect any moving objects, and when it does it will turn on the camera automatically. It also includes a shock sensor, which activates the camera when there is an impact to the vehicle.



    • Insurance Fraud:

    Video captures can help prevent any insurance Frauds. An example can be people running up to your vehicle and act as of you hit them and falls to the ground. Having the video capture will be the best evidence you can provide to the police. Another case can be people blaming the cause of accident on you, when in fact it was their fault.



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    • Monitor driving habit:

    Monitor the driving habits of your employee, children, or even yourself! Improve or get rid of bad habits by reviewing video footages.