Why buy from Witness!

1. You can see our products when you visit most of the car dealerships in Vancouver BC

We are the Sole Distributor of the LUKAS in West Coast Canada





 2. What is Special with the LUKAS!

2. No More Argue with the ICBC

- No more 50/50 shared and undetermined fault if you have a video proof to the ICBC

Sometimes it is not possible to say for sure who was at fault for a crash due to:

  • conflicting drivers' statements,
  • no independent witness, or
  • other evidence is inconclusive, such as vehicle damage or the police report.

When fault cannot be determined, adjusters may be required to determine fault at 50-50. That is, both motorists will share equal responsibility for the crash.


Less time consuming when you provide a video instead of giving a written statement with photo evidences.

3. We are serious in taking Responsibility comparing to online sellers in EBAY or Amazon

-The price is lower from those kind of campaigns! However, they do not provide standard services as they are only doing online businesses. Even the warranty services or questionnaires may cause you much more time in negotiating for an ideal outcome.

- We have a local store in Richmond BC. The point is to give our best to the customers. We offers different kind of inspections refer to the dash camera. If there is any defection to the dash cam, we will provide a replacement for you when it is under warranty.

-  As a TEAM, we are always here to answer your questions refer to the dash cam, installation and even wiring issues. You can PM us through the email and Facebook. Even give us a call and we will be there.