Lukas LK 9750 Duo Dash Cam BlackBox 24GB (Full HD+Full HD) TYPE A


  • $589.00 CAD

  • Front Day Time:

    Front Night Time:

    Rear Day Time:

    Rear Night Time:

  • "Gravity Sensor" the dashcam will record within 30 second when there is any impact due to the car, example like you are driving and cause impact by crossing the speed bar. Those event will be saved in the "Event File" in the micro SD card and won't be deleted.

    "Motion Detector" usually refer to the Parking mode, the dashcam will be turned off after your car engine is off. However it will be turn on again when there is any motion detected surrounds the vehicle. All of the videos recording from motion sensor will be in the "Motion file" in the micro SD card.

    "Low Voltage Cutoff" It is functioned with a low voltage cutoff system in order not to drain all the car battery. Please understand *in parking mode, the dash cam will record under the battery supply from your vehicle. while it is in parking mode,if it is a busy traffic road, it might be cutoff after hours because too many vehicles or pedestrians are crossing, causing the dash cam turn on and off continuously. On the other hand, if it is not a busy traffic situation like underground parking, it should be last for the whole night.

    Daily driving mode is whenever you start the car engine, it will keep continuing for recording. Videos will be loop in cycle. All of the daily videos will be recorded as "Always" in the micro SD card. Larger size of SD card will provide more time of recording.

  • LK-9750 DUO is the latest and yet best model of LUKAS dash cams. It is an upgraded version of 9700 that comes with interchangeable UV lens; plus the stylish design and coloring in piano black. The main camera will be mounted at the front windshield; the rear camera will be attached on the rear windshield and records what’s behind you. It also comes with a 3.97 inch LCD screen where you can see the real time recording from the rear camera.

    Front cam is built as 2.1 Mega Pixel CMOS Sony IMAX 322 full HD image sensor with 1920x1080p resolutions; the rear cam is built as a 2.1 Mega Pixel CMOS Sony IMAX 322 Full HD image sensor with 1920x1080p resolution. The front camera operates 30 fps (frame per second), on the other hand, 24 fps (frame per second) video recording.

    LK-9750 DUO has dual memory card slots. One is for SD card, which is normal recording; and the other one is for micro SD card, which is for event. It comes with one 16GB SD card and one 8GB micro SD card and can be upgraded to 256GB each, which is the highest capacity in the market. It has wide viewing angle with front 135°/ rear 133°; and operating temperature is from -20℃ to 70℃. The size of LK-9750 DUO is front 110x103x37mm with 187g at weight; and rear is 50x26x31mm with 25g at weight.

    Lukas equips a parking mode system within LK-9750 DUO, which means the camera will record after you park and leave the car. It comes with a motion sensor; if it detects any movement, it will automatically turn on and record with the 10 seconds before and 20 seconds after the motion is detected. The device has low voltage cut off function, which will not draw any power from the car once it detects the car battery is at low voltage level.

    Multiple-language menu supports English, Spanish, Russian, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Japanese, French, Arabic, Thai, Vietnamese, German, Italian, Mongolian, Turkish, Hindi, Czech, Portuguese, Bahasa Indonesian, Malay and Korean.

    Optional Accessories:

    • Lukas CPL Lens Filter
    • SanDisk Ultra micro SDHC Memory Card with Adapter
    • 2-Channel 2.1M Pixel Sony IMX 322 Full HD CMOS image sensor
      • Front cam: IMAX 322 Full HD CMOS image sensor/ 1920x1080p,30fps
      • Rear cam: IMAX 322 Full HD CMOS image sensor/ 1920x1080p,24fps
    • Wide Viewing Angle
      • Diagonal angle: Front about 135 °/Rear about 130°
    • 3.97 Inch LCD Full Touch Screen
      • Resolution: 800x480p
      • PIP(Picture in Picture Front/Rear View)
    • Durable Saving Function of Event Moment
      • Dual Save: Always + Event
      • Dual Slot: SD + microSD
    • Multiple-language Support
      • English, Russian, French, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish and Arabic
    • Up to 512 GB: The Highest Memory Capacity in Market Today
    • Equipped with Car Battery Discharge Prevention Function
      • ACC and multi-booting option support (Leakage current: less than 100uA)
    • Security LED lamp on both front and rear cams
    • Storage of 1M Driving Information Data
    • High temperature safety sensor
    • 48mm UV Filter / CPL Filter(Opt.)
    • Dual-Core GPS + GLONASS (Optional)
    • Parking Surveillance Notice
    • Lukas Dedicated Viewer for Mac and Windows/Firmware Updates
    • Easy installation of Rear Cam
      • Can be mounted on the rear windshield regardless of sun shades
  • Item LK-9750 Duo FHD+FHD Specification Details

    Front: 2.1M Pixel Sony IMX 322 Full HD CMOS image sensor, 1/2.9 (inch)

    Rear: 2.1M Pixel Sony IMX 322 Full HD CMOS image sensor, 1/2.9 (inch)

    Viewing Angle

    Front: diagonal (approx. 135°) / effective angle: horizontal (approx. 107°), Vertical (approx. 55°)

    Rear: diagonal (approx. 130°) / eeffective angle: horizontal (approx. 105°), Vertical (approx. 54°)

    Recording Resolution & frame rate

    Front: 1,920 X 1080p (Full HD), 30fps

    Rear: 1,920 X 1080p (Full HD), 24fps

    LCD resolution & size 800x480 / Size: 3.97" (inch), Touch built-in
    Video Compression H.264 (AVI Format)/Codec profile: HIP (High Profile)
    Gravity Sensor Built-in 3-axis impact sensor (impact, sudden stop, and sudden start)
    GPS Dual Band (GPS+Glonass) Optional
    Storage medium

    SD card: SDHC/SDXC memory card (basic 16G, max. 256GB)

    microSD card: microSDHC / microSDXC (basic 8GB, max. 256GB)

    Player Program General media player/LUKAS viewer program Window and Mac
    Audio Built-in Speaker and Microphone
    Power supply & current consumption

    Operating voltage: DC 10V~24V,

    Current consumption: 360mA (13.4V), Within about 4.8W

    LCD included
    Continuous power supply Time and voltage setting possible / multi-booting support
    Operating Temperature -20°C ~ 70°C
    Storage Temperature -30°C ~ 80°C
    • Lukas LK-9750 DUO front and rear cameras
    • 16GB SD memory card and 8GB micro SD memory card
    • UV lens, Mounting Bracket, Adhesive tapes, User Guide
  • The Lukas Lk-9750 Duo with the BMW e93 328i

    BMW e93 328i with LK-9750 photo 11037824_848438728559513_4383970188610747766_o_zpsfhwjm83v.jpg

    BMW e93 328i with LK-9750 photo 11155099_848438738559512_5030983740616564512_o_zpshpmrflhn.jpg

    BMW e93 328i with LK-9750 photo 1978493_848438711892848_2399570236959575428_o_zpslg99iqz9.jpg

    BMW e93 328i with LK-9750 photo 11130487_848438761892843_2347960139737722103_o_zpsgysstxll.jpg

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    TS Auto Design

    Address: #170-2188 No.5 rd, Richmond, BC

    Phone number: 604-284-5459

    Address: #101-4381 Dawson st, Burnaby, BC

    Phone number: 604-676-8100

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