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    The Qvia AR790 Wifi+GPS is equipped with Sony Exmor CMOS Sensor for both front and rear camera. Enjoy the Full HD (1920x1080P) video at 30 fps. Require to do a hardwiring installation to the vehicle fuse box.

    It is coming with several identical functions
    -Gravity Sensor
    -Motion Detector
    -Low Voltage Cutoff
    -Wifi / GPS

    "Gravity Sensor" the dashcam will record within 30 second when there is any impact due to the car, example like you are driving and cause impact by crossing the speed bar. Those event will be saved in the "Event File" in the micro SD card and won't be deleted.

    "Motion Detector" usually refer to the Parking mode, the dashcam will be turned off after your car engine is off. However it will be turn on again when there is any motion detected surrounds the vehicle. All of the videos recording from motion sensor will be in the "Motion file" in the micro SD card.

    "Low Voltage Cutoff" It is functioned with a low voltage cutoff system in order not to drain all the car battery. Please understand *in parking mode, the dash cam will record under the battery supply from your vehicle. while it is in parking mode,if it is a busy traffic road, it might be cutoff after hours because too many vehicles or pedestrians are crossing, causing the dash cam turn on and off continuously. On the other hand, if it is not a busy traffic situation like underground parking, it should be last for the whole night.

    Daily driving mode is whenever you start the car engine, it will keep continuing for recording. Videos will be loop in cycle. All of the daily videos will be recorded as "Always" in the micro sd card. Larger size of SD card will provide more time of recording.

    For Wifi user, please download the Qvia app (You can find it through appstore in Android or IOS)


    • QVIA AR-790 Front+Rear camera
    • 64GB micro SD memory card
    • Installation Kit, Mounting Bracket, Adhesive tapes, User Guide, microsd adaptor

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